It all started with my grandparents a simple camera, and a love for sight seeing and passion. Ever since I can remember I've been taking photos, every time I was on holiday with my Grandparents we'd be out and about capturing the world in our own special way, and I'd always and up filling several SD Cards full of photos. (My record stands at 4000 in a week). 
I learnt from my grandfather as I grew, learnt about framing, learnt about exposure and focus, unfortunately I wasn't able to practice my photography for quite a while towards the end of my teenage years until the day of my 18th birthday, when my mothers side of the family got me a bridge camera, an SD card, some batteries, a charger, and a tripod. The perfect little (well not so little) gift I had ever received. Now I shoot when ever I can like the avid shutterbug I was.

In my free time I love to read, listen to music, and game all night long. You can often find me either reading in a corner with my Harry Potter mug full of Hot Chocolate or at my desk streaming my shenanigans and adventures in the video gaming world that is twitch.
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