my passion for photography started way before I can remember, with frequent holidays with my grandparents and the wonderful sites to see I begun to capture the world in my own special way. I learnt from my grandfather as I grew, learnt about framing, learnt about exposure and focus, then life got in the way. Years passed and I never touched a camera for reasons I shall not disclose, until the day of my 18th birthday, when my mothers side of the family got me a bridge camera, an SD card, some batteries, a charger, and a tripod. The perfect little (well not so little) gift I had ever received. Now I shoot when ever I can like the avid shutterbug I was.

in my free time I love to read, listen to music, and game all night long. You can often find me either reading in a corner with my Harry Potter mug full of Hot Chocolate or at my desk streaming my shenanigans and adventures in the video gaming world that is twitch.
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